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Eligible artists (see Who can apply section) are invited to apply to participate in Platform 31 via a two-stage open competition.

Application deadline:
Monday November 30th at 17.00 (5pm).

Stage 1 selection

December 2020

Artists around the country are invited to apply for consideration in this scheme via a national Open Call. Applicants are asked to provide their CV, evidence of their track record, and a written proposal (see How to apply section).

All submitted applications are checked for eligibility (see How to apply section). Ineligible applicants will be informed by email of the reason for their application’s ineligibility.

Eligible applications are compiled centrally and sent to the Local Authority Arts Officer of the region in which the applicant lives.

Each relevant Local Authority Arts Officer will engage the assistance of an external assessor of their choice to assess the applications on the basis of the scheme’s selection criteria (see About Platform 31 and Selection criteria sections). Up to three artists from each Local Authority region will be recommended for consideration in Stage 2.

Stage 2 selection

January 2021

Up to 93 recommended artists – three from each Local Authority region - will be considered by a national selection panel (composed of four Local Authority Arts Officers and up to two arts practitioners).

Artists will be ranked 1-2-3 by Local Authority region on the basis of their compatibility with the scheme’s objectives (see About Platform 31).

The 31 artists ranked number 1 in their county will be offered a place on the pilot scheme in January 2021.

Selected artists will be contracted by Wicklow County Council (lead Local Authority on this scheme) and required to sign up to the scheme’s participation terms of reference.

If, for any reason, a number 1 ranked artist is unable to take up the place they are offered, the second-ranked artist from that county will be offered the place on the scheme instead. The scheme will run until Autumn 2021.