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How to apply

Please read the following section carefully before proceeding to complete the online application form (at Apply here). The online application form will be open from November 9th - 30th 2020.

About the application form

The Platform 31 application form asks applicants for the following:

About you
  • Applicant name, address, contact details, PPS number and website address (if applicable)
  • The LocalAuthority area in which the applicant lives
  • Applicant’s CV
About your work
  • Details of up to five Local Authority Arts Office funding or Arts Council funding awards the applicant has received in the last three years (name of scheme, amount of award, year received)
  • Supporting documentation that evidences the applicant’s practice to date (up to five uploaded documents and/or links to platforms such as YouTube / Vimeo / Soundcloud)

About your participation in the scheme

  • A written proposal that evidences:
    1. How participation in the scheme in the scheme will benefit the applicant’s artistic practice at this time, and what they would want to achieve by having the time to pause and reflect as a participant on the scheme. This should involve undertaking one of the following:
    a.    To identify new collaborations / ways to adapt their work in the current context
    b.    To test new ideas for partnership
    c.    To test/put in place new ideas for public engagement for their work
    d.    To consider connecting their work to their local context
    e.    To consider placing their work in a new, global context
    f.     A research proposal for their practice

    2. What contribution the applicant feels that they could bring to the peer network and exchange conversations.
  • Applicants will also be asked what learning, advisory and mentoring supports they would be interested in receiving as part of the scheme’s support framework that would best support their practice at this time. The answer to this question is not part of the assessment.

Please ensure you have all information to hand, including supporting documentation in the appropriate format, before proceeding to complete the PLATFORM 31 application form.

Applications must be received by Monday November 30th 2020 at 17.00 (5pm).

About the applicant

The applicant is the person who will receive funding and other support as part of this scheme and who will be required to accept the terms and conditions of that funding.

The funding offered will only be paid into a bank account held in the name of the applicant.

All documentation provided must be in the name of the applicant. For example, if you apply under the name Joseph Walsh, then all documentation, including bank and tax details, must be in that name.

About supporting material/documentation

About your participation in the scheme

You are required to include supporting material with your application, all of which must  be submitted online. This material is vital to help the people assessing your application to get the clearest possible understanding of your proposal. Please read about the supporting material required and acceptable formats very carefully.

Required supporting material
Detailed up to date CV
Pdf or Word doc
Max 3x A4 pages
Clearly labelled examples of your work that evidences your practice to date:
a. Written material
b. Images (up to10)
c. Audio material
d. Video material
a. Compiled into single pdf
b. Compiled into a single pdf
c. Soundcloud link
d. YouTube / video link
a. Max file size: 3MB
b. Max file size: 10MB
c. & d. Pieces/extracts no longer than 5 mins in duration
Written proposal
Pdf or Word doc
Max 2 x A4 pages/ approx. 1,000 words

All supporting documents should include the applicant’s name and what they contain or represent in their filenames: e.g.WalshJoseph_CV.docx, WalshJoseph_ArtistStatement.pdf.

Submitting your application

When you are satisfied that you have answered all questions and uploaded all supporting documentation, click submit. Once submitted, your application cannot be amended. Do not submit your application until you are completely satisfied.

You will receive an automated email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.  Please note that confirmation that your application has been received is not confirmation that it is eligible and will go forward for assessment.


About your participation in the scheme

Your application will be deemed ineligible, and will not go any further in the process if any of the following is true:

  1. You do not meet all three of the qualifying criteria.
  2. You miss the application deadline.
  3. You do not submit your application through the online application form on this website.
  4. You fail to complete all sections of the application form.
  5. You fail to provide the supporting material / documentation as outlined above.

Getting help with your application

We are making every effort to provide reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities who wish to submit an application or who have difficulties in accessing online services. If you have a requirement in this area, please email no later than November 20th, 2020.

If you have a technical query about the online application form, please email, providing a contact phone number. We will deal with queries on a first-come first served basis. Please note that technical support queries received on the day of the deadline may not be resolved before the deadline.

A note on Covid-19 related public health guidance

About your participation in the scheme

In preparing your application, you should base it on the best public health advice and guidance available at the time you are making your application. Given this, you should ensure that what you are proposing is feasible or adaptable should social distancing and/or other public health measures impact on all or part of the scheme’s duration (February-September2021).