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Participating artist 2022

Mollie Anna King


About the artist

Mollie’s work has been supported by the Arts Council and Tipperary Arts Office. In 2020 she was awarded the Professional Development Award and in 2016 she was a recipient of the Next Generation Bursary Award. Mollie has been an artist in residence at The Architectural Association in Hooke Park, Limerick School of Art & Design’s Ceramic Department and has worked collaboratively with Turner Prize winning Assemble Architects. Facilitation is part of her practice and sh has worked with Callan Workhouse Union with upcoming projects at Common Knowledge, Clare.

"In my practice I investigate the role of support systems (both structural to infrastructural) in our everyday lives. Through reinterpreting our relationship with our built and natural environment, I use architectural and visual queues from places of healing and contemporary 'Wellness Spaces' to explore how our surroundings affect us. My work brings together a wide range of somatic experiences which uses destination architecture and pavilions as a means of exploring and building therapeutic assemblages. I am currently exploring self-sustaining structures, community builds, circular economy and the future of housing, in relation to our basic needs and desires."

Mollie Anna King

Mollie Anna King

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