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Participating artist 2022

Kevin Gaffney

Dublin South

About the artist

Kevin Gaffney/ Caoimhín Ó Gamhna is an artist and filmmaker whose work has been shown in exhibitions and film festivals internationally; including the Cork Film Festival (2016 & 2018), the 10th Imagine Science Film Festival (New York, 2017) and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (2021). A monograph of their work, Unseen By My Open Eyes, was published in 2017. They recently completed a practice-led PhD on queer artist filmmaking at Ulster University, and this work was shown in a solo exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork (2020-21).

“My work in the still and moving-image explores identity through outward-looking satires of geopolitics and capitalism, inward-looking meditations, and surreal scenes and images which aim to envision alternative worlds with their own logic and possibilities. The scripts I write are often slightly absurd and are set in an undefined future, without traditional narratives or character arcs, to create an unsettled terrain. Often the characters’ roles – or way of performing – change from scene to scene, creating an ambiguity that reflects on the shifting nature of identity and which draws attention to the constructed nature of cinema itself. Archival footage is intercut to disrupt the films’ representation of time and space, and to create both connections and friction between recent history and fictional visions of the future.”

Kevin Gaffney

Kevin Gaffney

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Photography by Jed Niezgoda

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