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Participating artist 2022

Joanna Hopkins


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Artist Statement

As a multimedia artist I work between video, collage, drawing, photography and installation. I have a research based practice, often working site specifcally and this culminates in ephemeral installations. I am interested in merging technology with the natural world. I have worked with native plants & local histories, exploring various plants - from Marram grass on the weather ravaged west coast of Ireland, to garden plants in an Alzheimers Day centre in Urban settings, to the biodiversity on Ireland’s rapidly eroding east coast, as a subject matter to explore and a medium to connect with people.

I'm exploring a series of interventions, videos & collages that merge folklore with the human form, focusing on menstruation, native plants and rural sites of human made structures. I am interested in making abstract, hybrid connections between non human entities and our human selves, as a way to explore Identity, the rural & the urban, empathy for our natural environment & to better understand the human condition. I am exploring new work & plants, merging & anthropomorphizing the landscape as a living, breathing entity. Research currently includes Lady Francesca Wilde, Lady Gregory and WB Yeats alongside information transcribed from the 1930's in the National Schools Collection. The Folklore of Ireland Society was established in 1927 to collect, preserve & publish the folklore of Ireland & holds one of the largest collections of oral & ethnological material in the world.

From 2019-2021 I was awarded the inaugural Dublin City University Artist in Residence Award. I have exhibited across Ireland, the UK, Europe, China and the US, with recent Solo Exhibitions including Sympathetic Soup, Cregan Building, 2021; and Connecting at Accenture Gallery, Science Gallery Dublin for the British and Irish Neuroscience Conference 2019. Previous residencies include An Urgent Enquiry commissioned by Fingal, Wexford and Dublin City Council, 2019; Bealtine Artist in a Healthcare Setting 2017, Rua Red and Espace Multi-media Gantners 2017. Public Art commission include Tir Saile for Mayo County Council 2017 and FIND for Mayo County Council 2014.

Joanna Hopkins

Joanna Hopkins

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Photography by Kieran O'Brien and Ken Coleman

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