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Participating artist 2022

Clare Scott


About the artist

Having been an exhibiting painter, as well as having experience in stage and film design, Clare returned to college to reframe her practice and to address conflicts between making art and the art market. With a degree in Visual Art from WIT and an MA in Art & Process from CIT, she turned to exploring materials and media through temporary, large-scale works as a way of avoiding creating ‘products’ while maintaining a painterly sensibility.

"My work focuses on the way of working, peculiar to the individual, which gives the work its quality. In the embodiment of process - through creating on-site artworks - successive, knock-on decisions are exposed often resulting in a blackly comic effect which is amplified by utilising diverse media and processes. For example, time-restricted and material-restricted building on site, use of random and/or recycled materials and artworks, traditional painting, projection and film or any combination of the above. This flexible, reactive involvement with space, materials and media has the potential to be even more connected to the world than either traditional art forms or structured ideas of social engagement and exploring this connection through collaboration will be a part of the next phase of my practice."

Other work includes evolving ways of writing about art, writing on the environment and history, cartooning, book publishing and recording stranded ceteceans, mostly dead, for which she has received a commendation from the IWDG.

And, oh yeh, humour is essential.

Clare Scott

Clare Scott

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