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Participating artist 2022

Aoife Raleigh


About the artist

Aoife Raleigh is a circus and street artist producer and facilitator. Through shared experiences we build community and on the street is where the community meets.

After training in a number of international circus schools including the Beijing International School of Art and Escola Rogheillo Rivel Barcelona, Aoife is now an established circus artist specialising in foot juggling, partner acrobatics, hula hoop, comedy and theatre. She has co-developed a number of shows including StrongWomen Science which uses circus as the medium to teach scientific principles to primary school and family audiences. This show was named Best Family Event at the Fantastic for Families UK Awards 2020 and has toured internationally.

Aoife is also a qualified Electronic Engineer and has over 4 years of working experience in a variety of engineering fields. She discovered a special interest in small scale renewable energy, working with the NGO Snulabob in Laos PDR designing and maintaining small scale power generating systems for rural villages.

Aoife has a passion for fusing her engineering background with circus and street performance and is currently an Associate Artist with the Creative Climate Action Crumlin Project with which she has developed “What’s Watt”, an interactive roaming performance to engage people on the value of a Watt and how much power it take to make a cup of tea.

Aoife Raleigh

Aoife Raleigh

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Photography by Josh Roxby

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